Miles 0

Camped at mm Smedley’s Suites, Silverton, CO

Today was Our Zero. No miles hiked.
I slept like the dead. I slept and slept and slept some more. When I awoke, Anji had already gone to the store and made breakfast tacos.
I greedily devoured them with barely a word of thanks.
Then I slept some more.
We found out my food box wasn’t going to make it to the post office today, so we picked up Stoney’s and went back to the Suite to sort it out and see what we had. Then we walked to the grocery store to supplement the resupply and buy all the whatevers that we needed to fill up our tummies for 6 days. We saw Ruthless along the way, and she scored a ride for us up the pass at 6:15 am tomorrow.
So that was handled.
We sorted all the food and got to writing the missing blog posts and eating more tacos and working on that half gallon of Rocky Road Ice Cream Stoney brought home this morning.
We did a pretty good job on it too. By the end of the night, there was hardly any left…

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