Figuring out gear for a trip like this is an wallet-draining, time-sucking, all-consuming, heart-wrenching, agonizing ordeal. Every ounce counts. How much money are we willing to spend to replace an already-owned piece of gear with a new one that weighs four ounces less? How much stuff can we realistically physically haul around? Now how much of that do we actually want to haul around? How much is for safety, how much for comfort, and how much for necessity? Is bringing a luxury item okay? What do we want that item to be? How much weight are we willing to allow ourselves for that one luxury item? We categorized everything under “need” vs. “want”, re-evaluated it, and repeated that process another twenty-six times.

The more we think about it, the more questions we have. Questions lead to research, which lead to more purchases, which lead to more questions. Here is our finalized list of tiny, lightweight, mostly high dollar items that all have some purported significance which we cannot live without; time will tell if we brought too much or not enough, but we’d like to believe it’s all perfect.

Jodie’s Gear
Item Weight in Ounces
Injinji Toe Socks (2 pair) 3.4
green ball cap 2.1
Dirty Girl gaiters 1.1
Danskin green/gray sports bra 3
Merino Blend Paradox Long Underwear Bottom 5.2
Map Black Buff 1.2
Mountain Hardwear Light Gloves 2.3
Mountain Hardwear Orange Hooded Shirt 7.7
North Face Gray Hiking Pants 8
Vivo barefoot pink water shoes 6.7
costco headlamp 3.4
pink comb/mirror combo 1.4
REI black running shorts 5.1
UniQlo Undershirt 5.9
travel toothbrush 0.5
red shorts 4.3
Green Sea To Summit Dry Bag 4L 2
cotton swabs 0.6
Mountain Hardwear Down Jacket 6.4
Northface Black Rain Pants 5.8
Northface pink rain jacket 10.8
pack cover 5.7
knife 2.6
Gregory Deva pack 95
costco hydration pack 5.8
Orange cooling neck cloth 0.8
exofficio undwear (2 pair) 2
notebook 1.7
gatorade bottle 1.6
pen 0.2
plate 5.8
Danskin green tank top 2.6
Adidas green tank top 3.1
Wright 2 in 1 socks 1.4
compression sleeves 1.5
OR down beanie 1
silk liner 4.1
Silver Sunbrella 7.9
mosquito headnet 0.6
Bear Vault w/ Lid 38.4
down booties 5.6
blue foam pad 4.1
watch 1.5
dry bags 1.1
earplugs 0.3
stretching band 0.2
Anon sunglasses 1.2
cell phone 4.7
Bluetooth mini keyboard 5.6
trekking poles 18.6
Total Weight
weight in ounces 311.6
weight in pounds 19.475


Aidan’s Gear
Item Weight in Ounces
Columbia Green Long Sleeve Shirt 8.5
Sugoi red shirt 5.1
Marmot boxers (2 pair) 3
Carhaart black liner socks 1.6
Smart Wool beige socks 2.3
green belt 0.8
tan cooling neck cloth 0.8
Kindle w/ case 9.1
Mountain Hardwear Down Jacket 16.8
Injinji toe socks 1.2
Columbia brown short sleeve shirt 6.2
Outdoor Research gray shorts 8.9
Columbia blue hiking socks 2
Yellow Outdoor Products Dry Bag (held clothes) 1.3
Mountain Hardwear Black Rain Pants 7.4
Columbia Gray Rain Jacket 6
orange dry bag (held rain gear) XS size 0.6
blue ear plugs w/ case 0.5
microfiber cloth 0.3
XXS green dry bag – held misc items 0.5
Columbia zip pants – beige/tan (darker ones) 12.1
compass and whistle set 1.1
knife 2.6
Gregory Contour pack 73.6
notepad 1.7
gatorade bottle 1.6
pen 0.2
Gray generic water shoes 10.1
plate 5.8
green mountain hardware sun hat – full brim 4.2
tiny red map light 0.5
OR down beanie 1
Silver Sunbrella 7.9
mosquito headnet 0.6
Bear Vault w/ Lid 38.4
costco headlamp 3.4
travel toothbrush 0.5
blue foam pad 4.1
costco hydration pack 5.8
North Face gloves 3.3
compass/whistle combo 0.9
Smith prescription sunglasses with case 3.9


Total Weight
weight in ounces 266.2
weight in pounds 16.6375


Shared Gear
Item Weight in Ounces
JMT map pack 2.3
epipens (set of 2) 5.3
SPOT locator 4.4
AquaMira Drops 3.7
chapstick tube 0.3
Mountain Hardware Sleeping Bags Set 60.8
Garmin GPS 5.2
Folding Bucket 10L 3.8
2 Bic lighters 1.3
green/yellow sponge 1
Snowpeak Titanium Cook Set (pot and lid and bag) 7.5
Aloe Gator blue/gray sunscreen tube 3 vol 2.2
1 spray bottle of Deet 4 fl – double ziplocked 5.7
Red plastic first aid kit 14.9
Mountain Hardwear tent body 22.4
Mountain Hardwear tent rainfly 21.6
Mountain Hardware tent footprint 7.1
repair kit and extra batteries in ziplock 9.6
Mountain Hardware tent – poles and stakes w/ 2 bags 25.2
Banana boat sport suncreen stick -.55 0.8
Nail clippers 0.7
Big Agnes sleeping pad 21.3
Toats Titanium Cup 550ml w/ lid (2) 5.4
16 oz fuel cartridge 23.4
MSR pocket rocket stove 3.9
2 spoons 1
Evernew 2 liter plastic water bottle 1.5
opsak 2.8
soap – full 2.7
small carabiner 0.2
big carabiners 0.8
Solio solar charger 6.1
toothpaste 1.1
wet wipes 6.7
Total Weight
weight in ounces 268.8
weight in pounds 16.8


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