Miles 14.6

Camped at mm 426.7

The trail was generally smooth and uncomplaining, and the skies were carefully crafted with the most stunning blue you could imagine.
We loved the day.
The unrockiness of the trail was pretty easy going, and the passes were easily climb-able, even with our Freshly Laden Packs, heavy with 6 days of food to finish out this journey.
Our spirits were high and our legs well rested.
We talked all day of doing 20 miles, but ultimately my feet decided that 14.6 was good enough, so we set up camp with Laura and Ruthless.
We all talked and laughed, as Old Friends do, even though we’d all only known each other such a short time.
Stoney, Laura, and Ruthless went to look at the waterfalls…but…
I was already fast asleep, safe and secure, at 7:10 p.m.

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