Miles 8.4

Camping at mm Smedley’s Suites. Silverton, CO

I slept long and hard at this lower altitude. Plus the goats had to eat before anything else could be done, so Stone and I could sleep in for once. But the goats and Kathleen and Jeremy were all chased off from their breakfast area by two bull moose and everyone had to get tied up at camp again and we all ate breakfast and got ready to go.

I was feeling overwhelmed with Gratitude, exhaustion, excitement, and love of goats, and basically cried all day when I wasn’t trying to catch my breath since we were climbing up an enormous hill with 35 switchbacks. Kathleen worried about me, and Stone reassured everyone that this is what it’s been like for 400 miles and that I was fine.

The goats carried 14 pounds of my gear and a lot of Stone’s too. We made our way up the mountain slowly but surely, and I was so happy to be goatpacking, it felt like Christmas morning.

We watched the train roll by and everyone waved at us and pointed excitedly at the goats. And forever and a half later, we were at the top of the climb. We unloaded the goats, crammed our stuff haphazardly back into our packs, watched as Kathleen and Jeremy put the goats away in their fancy new trailer, and then they drove us to Silverton to our hotel.

It was truly an adventure to remember. Their kindness and thoughtfulness was overwhelming.

Improptu Goatpacking!

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Aidan G · September 11, 2023 at 4:53 pm

The entire world loves you. Except for maybe one person. But @#$ that guy.

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