I sat in my office, sipping on a delicious iced coffee, feeling grateful for the little heater I named Fred.  Fred keeps me sane.  He stoically combats the relentless air conditioning that blasts me in the head all day.

Then I saw the weather report for the Yosemite Valley through the weekend.  Sunny and a million degrees.  I turned Fred off.  Maybe I’ll just appreciate some cold weather for a bit.

We decided to leave all unneccessary tiny-expensive-items in the truck in Tuolumne Meadows on Friday and just pick it all up when we’re on trail and headed through there.  You know, rain gear and extra warm clothes.  No sense packing it around with us.  That will cut a little extra weight from my pack…for a minute.

It’s hard to focus.

I walked around our office building, swiping bits of food.  Almonds from one coworker, M&Ms from another.  I’m too close to leaving to care about my diet any more.

I sat in my office again, piling my stolen food items near my keyboard.

Wait.  I looked again.  I’d made myself a pile of trail mix!  What am I doing?  I plan on totally hating the stuff by next week, but I’m eating it early?

I kept eating it.

I looked around the house last night and was a little horrified.  We’ve been so busy with planning, we haven’t been keeping up on the house for weeks.  I plowed through piles of paperwork and scrubbed the bathroom like we were selling the place.  If something happened to us and someone had to go in our home, I wouldn’t want them to think we were slobs.  What if we died and my brother had to hire a crew to come in and scrub the place down?  Would that money have to be taken out of the estate?

Aidan: “You need to just sit down now.  There has never been a situation where ‘tub scrubbing’ and ’emergency’ were in the same sentence.”

Me: “You just formed one  with both.”

There are still so many things on the to do list.  I started shaving the cats, but they fussed before I was done.  Half-shaved cats with tufts of hair sprouting from shoulders and cheeks.  The bed-head crew.  They looked a little embarassed.  Like they didn’t want their friends to see them like that.  Guess I’d better add that to the list.

Okay, so tonight…finish shaving the cats.  Oh, and my husband needs a haircut…and so does Sherlock.

Okay, so shave everybody.

And scour more of the house.

I opened the front door and Aidan met me with a big smile.  “Wanna take the dogs to the river for a swim?  I bought beer.”

Of course.  Of course I do.

The water was lovely.


Pam · July 3, 2014 at 7:36 am

I am so excited for you! Have a great and safe trip!

Billie Melchiori · July 2, 2014 at 9:43 pm

Your post tonight made me laugh. I feel your anxiety.

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