“Hey buddy, where’s my sock?”  Sherlock tilted his head.

“What did you do with my sock?  This sock.”  I held up my lone Injinji sock.  He touched it with his nose.

“Good boy, show me SOCK.  Yes, SOCK.”  He touched it again and swished his tail…and did.not.move.



I tore the house apart.  This is not the best time on the planet to lose one sock.  I tore the garage apart.  Sherlock followed me around, grinning.  I scoured the yard.  He thought this was an awesome game.  Nothing.

There may be one more frantic trip to REI after all.

We sat in the garage and gathered all our tiny expensive items (TEI) and poked them into various compartments of our packs.

“Use this for your down booties and your jacket.  It’s waterproof, “Aidan tossed me a stuff sack, “It’s blue.  See?  Blue means cold.”

I looked at my TEI, looked at my pack, and worried some more about the weight.  I’m getting good at worrying.  I set about cutting the tags out of my clothing.  It felt a little drastic, but I certainly didn’t need directions on how to wash them.  The cleanest they are likely to get will be in a cooking pot with some biodegradable dish soap.  Why carry all those little tags around?

The girls at the office started a pool, betting cold hard cash on how much weight I will lose.  Game, I wrote my current weight on a sticky and submitted it for the start of the game.

I should’ve demanded a cut of the pot.

Maybe tomorrow.

I’m running out of tomorrows.

Maybe I’ll just go ahead and start worrying about that now.


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