Day 14

Miles 0

My breakfast was enormous.  My tummy was a stuff sack, and I just crammed the whole plate in there.  Then I had ice cream with strawberries for dessert.  Eating insane amounts of food will be a definite boon to trail life.

I was so glad to be close enough to be able to come home and be here for my family.  It would sure be great if I could just come home every weekend from the PCT and head out again every Monday morning.  For the Whole Trail.

I’m so spoiled.

Threw the laundry in the washer.  Twice.  Blech.

Aidan presented me with an ice ax.  Yay for Ice Axes!  Booo for having to use them!!

We watched some movies while I sorted and re-sorted gear, pushing it around on the floor from one pile to the other and back again.

Tomorrow will be a lot of manual labor, and then I will be ready to help my Mom down at Grandma’s property.  This will be a long and difficult week.


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