Day 63

PCT Mile Marker 1813.08 – 1820.00

Miles Hiked 6.92

Turtle gave me his extra hot chocolate and coffee for breakfast.

I drank it out of my pot.

Cougar tracks on the trail again. He must be following me around.

I got my favorite. Finding that cadence that eats up the miles without wearing me out. It’s a magical pace that is so beautiful to fall in to. I was so, so happy. And I was walking to breakfast!

The morning was cool and shady, the light kissed me as it fell through the pines. There were no rocks in the trail. No blowdowns. 

Crater Lake National Park.

Turtle and I walked straight to the restaurant and dumped our packs outside.  

Steak and Eggs. And a huge pile of hash browns. And an orange slice. And a tiny little strawberry.

I cleaned the plate. Thought about licking it. But didn’t.

I walked down to the campsite for PCT hikers. The smell of marijuana flavoring the air. It’s legal here, I guess.

I set up my camp and spent forty-five minutes walking through the campground, looking for the showers. I finally located them about 300 feet from my tent.

I had no shampoo or conditioner but I had a bar of soap infused with olive oil. I used it on my hair.

My standards are dropping. I’m fine with that. Now.

Helicopters flew overhead with buckets of water, headed to dump them on the fire. Water coming off the top of the buckets in clouds as they cruised by. All serious and focused.

I drank some beers with Turtle. Then I drank some more beers with other hikers.

I climbed into my tent and closed my eyes.

Happy as a clam.

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