Day 17
Miles 0
The wind picked up my chair and threw it directly on top of the stove, knocking off my pot of water and immediately catching the chair on fire.
That’s what I get for bring luxury items.
Well it was less than 1.5 pounds before, so it has to be lighter than that now.
At least you can tell my chair apart from Sophie’s.
Now My Left Butt Cheek has no place to go.
We rested and rested and napped. We took the boys down to the stream and scooped buckets full of water for them, bringing it up to them and laughing while they slurped and licked their lips.
Nice people and rude people and indifferent people passed by. People who never even noticed we were there. People with giant packs and day packs and ULA PCT packs passed by. One guy walked right into our camp to take photos and then asked me if I was alone.
I was caught off guard. Anyway, he finally left when Sophie came back from getting water.
It makes me wonder if a guy like that would wander directly into the camp of another man, or if he just Taking Liberty because I was a woman alone.
A storm threatened us, so Sophie took down the fence quickly and we threw up our tarps.
But it never did rain…


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