Miles 13.9

Camped at mm 455.8

Today was a short day, and a good thing, too. We wandered through live tree forests. Oh, the Live Trees! We feel so safe and wonderful amongst their branches.

We wandered along steep embankments with views that lasted a million miles. I know now why not every mountain in Colorado is named. There are gazillions of them. They’d run out of names in the 2023 Baby Book of Names from Nameberry long before they ran out of mountains.

We got to our big climb of the day, Blackhawk. It was well-graded with switchbacks, and though I’d faced the day with some trepidation, we were soon at the top.

Guess what? I said to Stoney.

What? She said back.

We never have to do that again. I said.

She grinned.

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