Miles 6.9

PCT Mile 109.5

The marine layer just did not want to burn off. Our tents were soaked from the misty morning, and the sun couldn’t find its way through. We shook out our tents the best we could, packed them up sopping wet, and were on our way.

Just in time for the marine layer to burn off…

We crawled around on the hillsides in the same old brush for a short while and then all of a sudden there were wide open short grassy plains. Rolling hills dotted with enormous old oak trees. Classic California. Breathtaking.

And then there it was. Eagle Rock. A group of rocks shaped exactly like an eagle with its wings spread. We crawled up the backside and threw our hands up in the air, one of us on each side of the eagle’s head. Some random lady was nice enough to take our photo. Then we took turns posing. Me on the eagle’s head. Anji doing eagle yoga moves in front of it.

Super fun best time ever.

We carried on, alongside a nice stream, past gazillions of tourists and girl scout-like troops, and men saying “oh you must be on a training hike”. While we smiled politely and said, “oh yes, something like that”.

We met up with Lauren again, Anna White’s husband (the infamous shoe trail angel), and we all went to the Warner Springs Community Resource Center together.

A trail angel came by, offering rides to the gas station for snacks a mile away, and Anji took him up on it. She came back with potato chips and cottage cheese, root beer and other delicious num nums.

Other hikers started showing up and pretty soon there was quite the crowd. We all talked and laughed until hiker midnight, around 7pm.

Then we all fell asleep.


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