Day 17

Miles 0

We got back to Mom’s really late last night, and sleeping in this morning was an understandable accident.

We shoveled some cereal into our mouths and raced to Grandma’s apartment in town.  The thrift store was meeting us at 9am to take all of her furniture.

By 11:30, they still hadn’t shown up.  I had ants in my pants so I left to get us some coffee and lunch.

They apparently showed up while I was gone, said they didn’t have enough room in their truck to actually take any furniture, and they left again.

By 1pm I was going to tear my hair out.  They finally came back again but then refused to take some of the furniture because of a small water stain on the top of two separate pieces.  Is it really that hard to give stuff away in this day and age?

The pieces were too heavy for my Mom and I to get out of the apartment.

We problem solved, and with some help from Mom’s neighbors, everything was done by 5:30 pm.


Headed home again.

Time to figure out what I’m going to do about this trail.  And this snow.


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