Day 21
Miles 6.5
I hopped across some boulders and peered down a five foot hole with water flowing at the bottom.
Looks like I can get down there to fill up the water bottles, but I’ll need some help getting back up. I said.
Sounds good. Jennie said.
No. Let’s try down there. Sophie said.
We roamed around the maze of giant boulders, looking for a spot to reach the water.
The goats roamed around too. Bosco followed me around. Oatcake went wherever his panniers allowed him to fit. Jon Snow got stuck in a spot no one could reach him, and Sharkey took turns on who he was following and eventually got stuck on the other side of the creek.
Pretty soon everyone was stuck on the wrong side of the creek except Jon Snow who was still stuck on some boulders in the middle.
Every time I led someone somewhere, someone else would end up stuck in a bad spot. When I tried to un-stick that guy, here would come another one to get stuck in his place.
It went on and on. This Boulder-Hopping.
Between Sophie giving advice on what she could see from one side and what I could see from the other, we finally got Bosco, Oatcake, and Sharkey back to where we started. Jon Snow backed himself out of his Stuck Spot and slid his way back down to solid ground.
I still had no water.
But Jennie popped around the corner with some full bottles and said there was a little waterfall right nearby which was easy to fill from.
The next stream was updated to a Trickle Status and when we arrived at the end of our day, the boys were tired and thirsty. They each drank gallons from the trickle. We set up camp next to a meadow and let the boys forage for hours in the waning sunlight. It was lovely.
I rested my head slowly on Bosco. He nuzzled up to me.
I don’t totally trust you. I told him.
Baaaa. He said.
Plus you have really bad breath. I told him.
He got up and I went back to my chair.
And drank some water.


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