Day 23
Miles 8
My feet were a little swollen in the morning, but not bad.
So of course Jennie and I immediately wrote a song called Baby Sausage Feet.
It goes:
Baby Sausage Feet
Are not for you to eat
Everybody knows
My Baby Sausage Toes
And Everybody Sees
My Baby Sausage Feeeeeet!

…and that is 4am humor.

We hiked through the heat until we got to a stock bypass at Heavenly Ski Resort. It went straight uphill. I guessed it was an 11% grade, but who really knows. Maybe it was 16.
Anyway, it was slow going and then we missed a trail junction and ended up way out in the middle of nowhere. We took a dirt road next to a ski run and eventually landed back on trail.
We found a place to set camp but it wasn’t amazing. Jennie left us to go to her car and head home. Amidst lots of hugging and loving words and lots of goat petting.
I took a long nap in my tent, Half-Listening to Sophie talking about the goats to people walking by.
We each ate our respective spaghetti dinners and laughed a lot and felt grateful for cool breezes.
And funny songs with friends.


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